Community Resources / Recursos para la Comunidad

Key Dates / Fechas Claves

The 10 Questions in the 2010 Census and Why They Are Asked

Las diez preguntas del Censo 2010 y porque las preguntamos

Daily Target City Rates / Meta de Ciudades Diaria

Questionnaire Assistance Centers

Beginning March 19 through April 19, Be Counted questionnaires will be available in public locations, such as libraries, within your
community and at Questionnaire Assistance Centers where census workers will be available to answer questions. 

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List of sites by County (this list changes frequently)
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            • English                1-866-872-6868
            • Chinese              1-866-935-2010
            • Korean               1-866-955-2010
            • Russian              1-866-965-2010
            • Spanish              1-866-928-2010
  • Vietnamese        1-866-945-2010
  • TDD                    1-866-783-2010 (for hearing impaired)
  • Puerto Rico        1-866-939-2010 (English)
  • Puerto Rico        1-866-929-2010 (Spanish)